On my recent vacation native orchid photography trip I've been to a few cemeteries, parks and local preserves in Connecticut, Eastern Long Island, Rhode Island and Cape Cod. I'll keep the plant pictures on separate pages so it's easier for me to setup and for you to download and view. Enjoy! If you can accurately identify any of the plants that I've labeled as natural hybrids, I'd be happy to hear back if they are correctly identified or not. Thanks.

Platanthera ciliaris at cemetery in Central Connecticut

Spiranthes at cemetery in Eastern Connecticut

Tipularia discolor in Greenport, L.I. NY

Platanthera cristata in East Hampton Township

Platanthera ciliaris in East Hampton Township

Platanthera pallida or cristata var. pallida in forested dunes near Montauk Point

Sundew! in Nature Conservancy Preserve

Spiranthes tuberosa at Nature Conservancy Preserve, Riverhead Long Island, NY

Montauk Point, LI NY Lighthouse

Malaxis bayardii on Cape Cod

Spiranthes and a surprises species, from several cemeteries on Cape Cod

Assorted other pictures from Cape Cod

On the way home

Some older assorted native orchid pictures I uploaded recently

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