CNYOS 2003 Show and Sale
Pictures and Show summary


Our 2003 Show and Sale was a tremendous success!!!

    Our last show was held on October 11th-12th at the ShoppingTown Mall in Dewitt, N.Y. There was a record 6 AOS awards handed out this year; 3 HCC's, an AM, a CHM and a CCM! The most impressive display shown by a single plant was a Brassavola nodosa which in addition to receiving an HCC, received about 5 other awards, including the Jim Rice Best Amateur Grown Species, the Majorie Ummer Award, the AOS Best Species in Show, among others.

   The CNYOS Show Display designed by Gary Stensland won both the AOS Best Orchid Exhibit in Show and the Orchid Digest Best Display in Show! The theme was a Victorian sitting room, which was a larger scale of the miniature displays Gary usually makes complete with miniature rooms and miniature artificial orchids. Many ribbons were also awarded to several people for their flowering plants, photos and educational displays. There were some plants and other items raffled off at the end of the show, and many of our members went home smiling with new purchases from the vendors in hand.

   The weather was beautiful for this time of year, however, so attendance and sales for the vendors was down a bit from last year. Many people did express interest in our club, and we enthusiastically invite them and anyone else with an interest in orchids to come visit us during our next meeting!

   Thanks goes to everyone who helped make this show possible, with special thanks to the judges and vendors. Hope to see you next year!

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Club and Vendor Displays

CNYOS Display

GROS Display

STOS Display

Bloomfield Orchids Display

JustPat Orchids Display

Frier's Orchids Display

Marlow's Orchids Display

AOS Awarded Plants

Ornithophora radicans 'Windsong' AM/AOS

B. nodosa 'Linda' HCC/AOS

Eria cristata 'Tenenos' CHM/AOS

Paph. White Queen 'Bloomfield's Speckles' HCC/AOS

Paph. Quasimodo 'Bloomfield's Pink Panther' HCC/AOS

Paph. Kolosand 'Bloomfield's Rapunzel' AM/AOS

Photos, Artwork and Educational Displays

Orchid Prints 1
Orchid Prints 2 Orchid Prints 3

Orchid Prints 4
Educational Display

All the Rest

CNYOS Show Award Trophies

Club Members buying orchids!














(All photographs copyright October 2003 by Charles Ufford. Use by written permission only


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