Central New York Orchid Society

Calendar of Events

Volunteer lists (below)

Meeting Dates and Scheduled Events/Speakers
CNYOS = Central NY Orchid Society, STOS = Southern Tier Orchid Society, GROS = Genesee Region OS, NFOS = Niagara Frontier OS, NENYOS = Northeastern NY OS, MHOS = Mid-Hudson OS)


June 3rd - Glen Decker Piping Rock Orchids Annual Open House

June 4th - CNYOS Spring Picnic combined with Spring Orchid Auction, please arrive by 1:30pm and is
being held at the Parish Hall back left of the parking lot

June 13th - Jim Marlow Marlow Orchids Open House

July/August - no meetings

September 3rd or 10th - CNYOS Krum Sotirov

September 30th/October 1st - Annual Fall Show and Sale, Beaver Lake Nature Center

October 8th - CNYOS Tom Biggart

November - TBA

December - Christmas/holiday party

CNYOS Refreshment volunteer list


Newsletter didn't have refreshment volunteers listed on it

May 1st

June 5th or later picnic everyone brings food

July/August no meetings

September 6th

September 30th/October 1st Fall Show many volunteers



*** - please note that if you are not going to make a meeting that you are scheduled to bring refreshments, please let an officer know so that someone else can bring something. Thanks!

2017 Fall Show and Sale volunteer lists

Sue Finger is Show Chair (maybe)

Judging Clerks

Head Clerk

Nancy Loveland

Registration Assistants

Breakfast Snacks Saturday at 8am

Club Booth (we still need help for the times with one person listed below)

Friday 3-5
Sat. 11:30-2:45
Sat. 2:45-5:00
Sun. 10-1:00
Sun. 1 - 4:00

Friday Setup and Vendor Move-in

Club Display Setup

Takedown and Cleanup

Display Monitors (Need help for all time slots! Please volunteer!)

Sat. 11:30 - 2:45
Sat 2:45 - 5
Sun 10 - 1
Sun 1 - 4


Jerry Finger is Snacks Coordinator

Friday pizza
Fri -


Saturday afternoon