CNYOS 2004 Show and Sale
Pictures and Show summary


Our 2004 Show and Sale was very successful!!!

   Our last show was held on October 2nd-3rd at the ShoppingTown Mall in Dewitt, N.Y. There were 3 AOS awards handed out this year to two plants; two CCM's and an HCC! A CCM (Certificate of Cultural Merit) is an award for the grower of the plant. When an orchid grower has provided excellent cultural conditions to a plant over time, often the plant will respond by getting very large and producing an excellent floral display. Awards like an HCC (Highly Commendable Certificate) are given to the plants for being excellent examples of what a particular hybrid or species can become with good culture and the right parents.

  There were quite a few people who visited our show, a few also did express interest in our club, and we enthusiastically invite them and anyone else with an interest in orchids to come visit us during our next meeting!

   Thanks goes to everyone stopped by and visited our show, and bought plants and supplies from our orchid vendors. We hope to see you next year!

Thumbnails of our show pictures are below. Links to the full-sized images will be updated soon.

Some full-sized images from last-years' show can be found by following the link below.

 2003 Show Pictures

Club and Vendor Displays

AOS Awarded Plants

Photos, Artwork and Educational Displays

All the Rest

(All photographs are copyright October 2004 by Charles Ufford. Use by written permission only)

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