Native Orchids of New York State

   Here in New York, we are truly blessed to have both a large number and a wide diversity of native orchids. We are one of the top three states in the United States for number of individual species and varieties, and they can be found over most of the period of time when snow isn't covering the ground! Of course, that isn't a very long time period, so you can imagine just how quickly they have to flower!

The Roosevelt Wild Life Station at SUNY ESF at Syracuse, NY also has an excellent webpage with information about New York's Native Orchids, which is where much of the information for the CNYOS's Educational Exhibit came from. The
Introductory Information pages of the exhibit will be presented here in it's original form, which is in pdf file format. To view the pages, you will need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free to download from's website, and is available for most computer processor types. Copies of this Educational Exhibit can be used for non-profit purposes, with written permission from Charles Ufford who can be contacted at  'uffnet' 'at' 'surfbest' 'dot' 'net'. You must construct the email address in your email browser; this hopefully will alleviate at least some spam. Apologies for confusion!

In the near future there will be general pictures of native orchids and club members on native tours, and the rest of the Educational Exhibit which will consist of the pictures and text of the species and descriptions originally found in the exhibit, in regular html format.

If you have pictures of natives orchids from New York State, or know of locations where certain species have been found and would like to submit them to our website, please contact Charles at the above email address.

Thanks, stay tuned and enjoy!

If you would like to view some Native Orchids photographs follow the links below

Native orchid pics from 2003
New England/Eastern Long Island road trip August '06 view here
Spiranthes (Giant cernua) and ochroleuca Mid-Sept. '06 Mohawk Valley

To view the Native Orchid of N.Y.S. Educational Exhibit download here